Debbie practised as a successful Nail technician and was a fit and active woman. 

In 2012 she was diagnosed with Olfactory Neuroblastoma that required surgery. After recovering from this treatment she was diagnosed with breast cancer 12months later. Debbie had a latissimus breast reconstruction in 2012. Debbie continued to have problems with persistent swelling or a seroma. A repair of the reconstruction was performed 12months later in 2013 due to possible rejection of muscle tissue. A further free tram flap reconstruction was performed in 2014 and there have been no problems since.

Despite this surgical history, chemo therapy, radiotherapy and hormone therapy Debbie has remained motivated and had an extremely positive outlook on life. 

Debbie participated in the PINC programme to improve her core and upper limb strength, balance and weight control by cardio fitness. She also had a goal of completing the Tongariro crossing. Debbie managed this and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

She has since completed a marathon and continues walking to maintain her fitness. Debbie has also managed to find time to train as a cosmetic tattooing therapist, something she feels very passionate about. 

Debbie is an amazing woman that continues to inspire others to keep fit, healthy and active as well as pursue dreams!

Debbie Casson of Lady Ink Cosmetic and Paramedical Tattooing