Thank you Emerald you made me cry as well...
This is honest gold to me!!! You are an amazing lady and people need to know the impact a Areola has in peoples lives!!! So happy to give you the Cherry on the Top!!!!  CLICK TO SEE MORE


'The cherry on top' - tattooing to help breast cancer survivors

Her husband offered up his bottom for practice and now tattoo artist Debbie Casson has founded a business aimed at giving new hope and confidence to survivors of breast cancer..... READ MORE


Te Awamutu Courier

A Waikato woman who has overcome two types of cancer is helping fellow breast cancer survivors reclaim their confidence through cosmetic nipple tattooing.....


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The Project Friday the 22 Feb 19 tat for tit

Interview with The Project... HERE


Scar and nipple tattoos help survivors to feel 'normal', Hamilton tattooist says

It was the first time in six years that Debbie Casson looked in the mirror and felt normal...   READ MORE



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