Meaning of the word Survivor!!

Nipple Repigmentation
& 3D nipples


helps post-mastectomy patients by creating the appearance of an areola after nipple reconstruction, Or a 3D nipple can be created just with shading with pigments giving the 3D effect

Cherry on the Top!!!

Micropigmentation/ Scar Camouflage


Medical micro-pigmentation techniques can be applied in many ways: Scar Camouflage helps improve the appearance of areola incision scars from breast surgeries for augmentation, reduction, and breast lift can also be masked.

Scar Camouflage helps reduce the appearance of scars from accidents, burns, surgery, or the repair of congenital disorders such as Cleft Palate. Hair simulation helps restore the appearance of missing hair lost to disease (Cancer or Alopecia), trauma, or natural thinning within an eyebrow, or scalp.

As I have had first-hand experience with how destructive cancer can be to the body, I am sympathetic to others and fully aware of their need for sensitivity and privacy, during their treatment.