• 1 hour 30 minutes
  • $540 / $350

Service Description

A mixed technique of either microblading or nano hair strokes and powder shading to create a well-blended, realistic brow. This style is the most popular due to its customisable nature and getting the best of both worlds… shading AND strokes! All brow types vary in longevity based on your age, skin type, oil production, sun exposure, immune system, and how you care for your skin and tattoo. This means following the suggested tattoo pre-care and tattoo aftercare will ensure you get the best healed results! We know prep and aftercare can be a pain, but following instructions will protect your investment by giving you the best heal you can have! We recommend only refreshing the colour once your brows are losing definition of the shape. This is typically anywhere from 18-24 months, depending on the above factors, but may be sooner or later. We all love having fresh brows, but be patient, as fading is an important part of your brow tattoo journey and maintaining your skin’s health in the long-term. Permanent Make Up $540 / $350 Refresh