As a multi-functional device, laser has found its place in the beauty industry.

Tattoo Removal

PMU Removal


Carbon peeling treatments

Radiation dot removal


Laser tattoo removal requires treatment in salon and the use of the Q-switch laser that breaks up tattoo pigment within the skin. The procedure depends on the immune and lymphatic system, which absorb pigment molecules and eliminate them from the body. In order to start the process, lasers aim for the pigment. Naturally, this type of laser must be extremely precise, therefore ultrashort pulse lasers are used. In order to reduce colour intensity and skin damage, light pulses must be short and extremely fast - these lasers operate in nanoseconds. Pigment absorbs the energy at such a speed leaving no time for chemical interaction. Actually, an acoustic impulse is formed within and breaks up the pigment,. The speed of the heating process is crucial to the success of the treatment. The faster the laser heats particles, the greater the possibility of breaking up the pigment.

From $60/treatment

consultation required to give approx amount of treatments required


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Natural correction and or complete removal of unwanted pigmentation, eyebrows and lips. This is a great way to prepare for new pigmentation so you can start with a clean are where the shape is wrong or they have had too much pigment or have gone too deep.

Not suitable for eyeliner or eyelids.



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